miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


01. 1966
02. Stronger Than Before
03. Hold You Own
04. Live Rasta Children Alone
05. Something Good
06. You Fi Give Praise This
07. People Let You Down (feat. Positiv Young Lion)
08. Rasta Could't Pop Down
09. The People Dem Call Fi Help (feat.
Natural Black)
10. Make It A Better Place
11. Wild Jamaica
12. Blessed Are Those
13. Wave
14. Nah Change
15. Dem Burn Up A Ready
16. Fire (feat.
17. When We Rall In
18. Moove To Fast
19. I Mean Love
20. Clap Your Hands And Jump Around (Feat. Roots Queen)
21. Who Jah Bless (feat. Positiv Young Lion)
22. Fire It Up
23. Love And Justice
24. We Go Work It
25. Why Killing It Sweat You So

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