viernes, 2 de abril de 2010


01.Gangsta Living
02.Girl Don'T Cry No More (Acoustic Version)
04.Is This Love
06.Donkey Jawbone
07.Suffering Us
08.Gun - Etana
09.Life - Gyptian Norris Man Chezidek

1. My Love Is Running Over
2. Currupt Life Style
3. The Motherland Calling
4. The King's Son
5. Praise Jah
6. We Should Live In Peace
7. What's The Purpose
8. Jah Works Must Be Done
9. Save The Children
10. Root Of All Evil
11. Love By You
12. Hail Him First
13. Memories


1. Intro (What is Life?)
2. Show Me Some Love
3. Cryin' Out (feat. Gardian)
4. Selassie I Within
5. Justice
6. Draw Mi Out
7. Killsome City
8. Interlude (Live in Love)
9. True Love
10. Coming Home (feat. Spectacular)
11. Make Up Your Mind
12. Don't Cry
13. Plant the Herbs
14. Interlude (Righteousness)
15. Battlefield
16. Head Over Heels
17. Eye Pon Me (feat. Spectacular)
18. Inna Troubl


1. Thanks and Praises
2. Bits and Pieces
3. Blood Stain
4. Wipe Those Tears
5. Looting N Shooting
6. Mightier Than Them
7. Is This Love
8. Is This The Way
9. My Rich Little Ghetto Girl
10. Screaming From The Poor
11. Rasta Still De Bout
12. Save The Juvenile
13. You Left Me
14. She's Like The Rainbow
15. The People Cry


1. Intro / Marcus Garvey
2. African be proud
3. Uncle Sam's new laws
4. Long road
5. Word, sound and power
6. Poor man privelige
7. Fall hard
8. Interlude / Malcom X
9. Nothing don't come easy
10. High grade
11. Youths want more
12. Ghetto youths
13. Slavery done long time


01.Plant a Seed
02.Blood Stain
03.WI Nuh Gangsta (Fight For Equal Rights)
04.Rasta Still Deh Bout - (with Josie Mel)
05.Phantom War
06.Bits & Pieces
07.Wipe Those Tears
08.other Earth's Healing
09.Screaming For the Poor
10.U Left Me
12.Learn the Hard Way
13.Rich Little Ghetto Girl
14.Bet on It
15.This Fire
16.Still Deh Deh
17.Turbulent Time
18.Snares of Death
19.Plant a Seed - (reprise mix)


01 - Dont waste your time feat.Yami Bolo
02 - No more war
03 - Fire in the barn
04 - As long as life lasts
05 - Speak softly
06 - Time and place
07 - Stress free
08 - Upliftment feat.Jah Dan
09 - Rise and shine
10 - Shes like the rainbow
11 - Streets of the ghetto
12 - Woman of principle
13 - Joy within myself
14 - Ithio first
15 - Love is the only absolute


Lutan Fyah- Africa 2008

Disc 1
Never Once
Rasta Set The Trend feat Morgan Heritage

What A Woe
End Of Days
De La Vega
Save The Juvenile
Mek It So Hard
Pretty Women
No Matter The Crisis feat Midnite
Move Out feat Natural Black & Turbulence
A Dat Mi See
Africa feat Sly & RobbiN
Mightier Than Them
Slowly But Surely
Gun Thing feat Inner Circle

Disc 2

Season Of Love
Too Much Suffering Kids

Is This The Way

Be Real
Outa Line
Dem Still A Search
Trodding AloneRising feat Chezidek
She's Got Soul
Up In YOur FacE
Its All In You
Watch Over Me
I Love Everything About YoU
Red AlerT
SetThe Children Free

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